Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tours

How many people can travel together on a tour?

Any number of persons may travel together. We provide the vehicle appropriate to the size of the party - car; MPV; minbus or coach.

When can holidays be taken?

. At any time ,subject to our availability, all year round and depending on the country, location and weather. It is always best to discuss your holiday plans with us as early and as much in advance as possible as tours are booked on a first come first served basis

Do you offer Open Tours?

Yes. From time to time we arrange Tours to various destinations or for specific itinerary themes to which individuals, families or groups may join rather than our normal private tours. These tours are still fully escorted and subject to the same level of care and attention as our other tours.

Can children and/or pets be taken on the tour?

Well trained pets and delightful children are welcome on most tours. There may be some restrictions at certain hotels – which may accept children of certain age(s) and may not allow pets indoors. We will advise you but there are always establishments pleased to accommodate such needs and if required we will find the right place.

Can individuals smoke while traveling?

Not in the vehicle(s). However stops can be made as convenient during the journey to allow individuals to leave the vehicle for a smoking break.

How is accommodation selected for tours?

Normally accommodation is proposed by VorScot Tours and is booked directly by us. This is based on the kind/type of accommodation indicated by the client or by the overall budget. However commonly we advise clients of intended possible accommodation in advance and provide websites so that clients can agree with our choice(s) or make their own selection. If a client has a favourite establishment which might be suitable within the itinerary we are normally happy to use this en route.

Do you have set itinerary tours?

Yes. In Scotland and England we offer “Feature Tours” to specific locations. These may be Half Day; Day Tours or Extended Day Tours. To allow longer time at destinations these tours can be extended for one or more overnight stops en route to suit clients wishes. We are happy to advise regarding suitable logistics for any extended tour and to suggest most convenient locations and accommodations