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Majestic Norway;Sacred Geometry of the Viking Dragons - Unique New Tour

Majestic Norway: Sacred Geometry of the Viking Dragons

into its 4th season

Thrilling Tale of endeavour and spirituality in Norway

In collaboration with TLC Consulting(USA) this tour explores the hidden history and sagas of the 11C when the Celtc Church of the British Isles was the driving force behind a masterful piece of surveying - creating a sacred pentagram, as part of a ritual to establish Celtic Christendom in Norway.

It also allows you to discover the landscapes and venues  which inspired the sets in the Disney film "Frozen".

The Tour rediscovers forgotten aspects of astronomy,astrology and the energy lines that grid mother earth which were well known to our ancestors and which we are today reunderstanding to rediscover the truths that once included spirituality in everyday life.

The importance of Norways early Saints; and the towns of Nidaros;Hamar and Tonsberg are explained. The historic homeland of the St Clairs, who built Rosslyn Chapel, and the connections between Norway and Scotland and to the Kniights Templar takes you back in time for a tour of spirital discovery whilst visiting wonderful scenic locations.

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